Fairy Boy "Ian Sea"

Ean Sea, the Fairy Boy

If you are not interested in Role-playing and would instead like to contact me in the games I play, or just want to know my social links, please go to the →Contact page← now. It includes Referral Codes for any games that do have a referral system as well.🔞 This is an 18+ Years of Age Carrd Role Playing (RP) Profile 🔞Ean Sea is a small, 4 inch (10.16 centimetres) fairy, male. Despite his gender being male, he is quite effeminate and is more female-like in appearance. He is somewhat shy, especially around beautiful ladies. He absolutely loves the color purple, and enjoys cool climates as well as Eastern aesthetics. Even though he has powerful magic at his disposal, he cannot seem to make himself taller than 4 inches. As he spends his Fae energy, he gets smaller, and can end up smaller than cloth fibres or strands of hair. He can gain back size/energy by eating.If you are trying to contact me in-game and I'm not available, write a message in my book in my FFXIV FC House, which can be found on the contact page. I will contact you as soon as possible. If I don't respond to a /tell, it will likely mean I got disconnected by the game or are AFK, or otherwise indisposed of. Please be patient or leave a message as explained.

Note: The character on FFXIV is shown as a Male Viera due to them having the appropriate face type for the character. Please ignore the bunny ears, and think of him having pointed or elf-like ears in the normal human-placed location instead. In addition, both characters on FFXIV and PSO2 should be imagined as smaller than the palm of your hand rather than the height you see in-game. Thank you for understanding.

Basic History

Ean Sea's history is a bit troubled, to say the least. After he was born, his mother, a fairy queen, declared him unfit to be her child as she desired a daughter rather than a son. She attempted to capture him and consume him so she could use his energy to birth a new child. One of the striking abilities the Faerie has, is the ability to resurrect after a while of being dead/slain. He can attune to objects, parts of objects, and even inside objects (this includes living things.) If he doesn't attune, he will respawn within a random spot within a few hundred meters of his place of death, usually somewhere "safe" but not always. Another feature is his ability to turn into inanimate objects (fully, even to the molecular level.) He can stay conscious and see from their perspective. if consumed, the poor fairy boy will stay conscious as the nutrients he becomes, and possibly even what part of the body he becomes, as well as see from the perspective of that cell/nutrient or otherwise.In the case of Final Fantasy XIV's world where he stands at only 4 ilms tall, the poor Fairy Boy was summoned into the Arcanist's Guild by a lady who desired to expand her horizons. Ean was quick to explain that he was not a construct of aetherial nature, but the lady in question simply refused that notion, and tried to capture him for herself. The acting guildmaster Thubyrgeim tried to calm her down, but eventually, she lashed out, forcing Ean to flee. He has been wandering ever since. For more substantial details of interactions in the world(s) of Final Fantasy XIV with the Fairy Boy, go here.Ean Sea's Current Owner: --In the case of the worlds of Phantasy Star Online 2, Ean was found by ARKS during a patrol mission. He has been working as a dutiful chore boy since that fateful day. Lesser Falspawn/Darkers don't seem to take notice of him, or hurt him. Higher forms of them, however, such as Apprentice or Gemini, seem to see him as prey to be consumed.He's been doted on by many ladies and some particular males too, but he's never truly considered staying with any of them for long periods of time. Most people say he's "too adorable," and "must be kept safe." He often finds himself stored in a purse, bag, or otherwise on one of the denizen's persons while not stored at their abodes.

🔞 Preferences 🔞

You can also use this bingo sheet to see if your character ticks off any of my Fairy Boy's inner desires. You do not need to wait for me to use the RP/Role Playing Status to initiate an RP Session with me. Role Playing Preferences include but are not limited to:▫️ Walkups / Tells are extremely welcome.
     ▫️ You may do RP with my character at any time, even if I don't have RP Status.
▫️ Standard Role Play Sessions.
▫️ Mature and/or Erotic Role Play Sessions.
▫️ One on one sessions preferred.
▫️ Feel free to step or sit on me if you see me.
▫️ Tall female characters.
     ▫️ Including Giantess characters.
▫️ Huge/Gigantic Breasts
▫️ Very Effeminate/Feminine Males
     ▫️ Can't tell the difference between them and a girl/lady
     ▫️ Also can be giant-sized.
▫️ Cold/Emotionless/Dominant Female Characters
▫️ Shrinking/Micro/Macro
     ▫️ If you are considering feet content, know I prefer socked/clothed feet.
▫️ Objectification / Inanimate Object Transformation / Petrification
     ▫️ Including Transforming into or parts of objects and/or others' body parts.
▫️ Entrapment
     ▫️ Such as being stuck tight in someone's clothing, etc.
     ▫️ I am not adverse to being trapped in a sock against a bare foot.
▫️ Futanari / Hermaphrodite
▫️ Vore/Absorption
     ▫️ Can include Womb/Breast/Cleavage/Nipple/Hand/Lips/Skin/Slime/Cum/etc.



You can contact me through socials or Steam. If you desire to contact me in-game instead, you can choose one of the following game/character combinations. Clicking on one of the character names/accounts that are underlined will take you to the appropriate website that they are on:▫️ Final Fantasy XIV (Crystal Data Center → Brynhildr): Ean Sea
     ▫️House: Plot 52, 13 Ward, Empyreum
▫️ Phantasy Star Online 2 (NA/global) (Ship 03): coldreactive (Player Name/ID)
▫️ Star Citizen (US): Ean 「the Fairy」 Sea (Referral: STAR-4SYH-3N96)
     ▫️ When creating a new account, using it will impart 5,000 starting UEC on release.
▫️ Final Fantasy XI (Bahamut): Iyeruru

Note that I reside in the Central US timezone, which is GMT -0600, so I will likely be on during the day for the United States, rather than countries like Japan. Please keep that in mind when you desire to contact me through the mentioned mediums.

In-Depth Final Fantasy XIV History

Entry 5.8.2023
Ean Sea found his way to the Goblet; Ward 8, Plot 1 (Brynhildr) after being told about a curious library hosted by some even more curious persons. There, he looked around as the hosts were busy giving a tour to someone else. However, as he was looking around, he was sucked into a tome. Try as he might, he couldn't escape the pages of the tome, and one of the hosts didn't notice him before they closed it and put it back on the shelf where it belonged. The poor fairy wouldn't see the light of day again for a week or two before the tome was opened and the pages turned by a reader. He left behind a review of the library stating that he wouldn't mind being lost in the tomes again.
Entry 5.31.2023
Ean Sea traveled to Lower La Noscea, specifically the Moraby Drydocks to see all the adventurers heading off to their Island Sanctuaries. One in particular caught his eye, a beautiful tan-skinned Viera Woman with supple purple lips and black hair with purple highlights. As he approached, she asked him, "Came to feed me your soul?" Ean Sea blushed heavily at the thought, and offered to feed her himself whole. She took his offer of course and swallowed him down right then and there, "Thank you for your contribution!" she would say to him as he fell into the dark abyss of her body.
Entry 12.16.2023
Ean Sea was minding his own business in North Shroud, taking in the beautiful Autumnal Forest, when he happened to be noticed by a lady investigator. She approached him near some Glowing Mushrooms, and he was startled, soon rushing off away from her to a nearby bush. She attempted to ease his terrified stature, and even got some progress in. But she ended up taking a slight tumble over some loose branches, and he was startled further. He ran off toward the Ixal Logging Ground, ending up hiding behind a pillar where seemingly animated armor sets were patrolling. For whatever reason, the normally hostile creatures paid him no mind.
After, she would attempt her soothing says again. This time, she finally got him to come to her. She desired to take the conversation somewhere safer, and he oblidged, by whisking her away to Fallgourd Float with his Fae Magicks. it wouldn't be too long after when a downpour started. Absentmindedly, she grabbed him, and stuffed him down her blouse, running to cover in the nearby inn. There, he and her would have a heated encounter in a secluded part of the inn. Where she would find out about his wings being an erogenous zone, and causing waves of pleasure to run through his body and into hers at the points of contact she made to him.She would end up cooling off with him after a while, and desired more contact with him over time. The two parting for the time being.

A Brief History
of Me Building Computers

After having to explain this to SEVEN people thus far, I have deigned to add this section to my carrd website so that I can easily reference it and link it to people who have yet to be explained this issue I have with installing/building computer components and systems.I have handled the assembly of three computers myself over my lifetime. The first of which was an AMD Computer. The motherboard was improperly installed using machine-fed screws. This is because the information manual did not differentiate the machine-fed screws from normal screws in picture form. So I had to get a computer technician to look at the system and re-install the motherboard proper. This computer technician doesn't have a business in my City of 500,000+ people anymore. None of the good local technicians do save for one, which is far out of the way and would require me to haul all of my parts over to them to have them install if I wish to have a new system or have them install parts.I do not drive, nor do I plan to learn, even at the age of 36 (as of September 19th, 2023.) The second system I tried to assemble I had bent nearly half of the pins on the CPU for, despite being absolutely careful about slotting in. This system was also an AMD Computer. After ordering a new CPU, I installed it correctly, but the Noctua CPU Fan I tried to install had the washer come off when trying to install it, disallowing me to use the fan at all, as the washer was explicitly put on by the Noctua Factory, and could not be put on by me. I ended up using the stock cooler that came with the system. This system lasted a year and a half, before the Power Supply died. The motherboard also had a corrupt PCIe slot and the memory was failing, so I decided to get a third system.The third system I desire to mention was actually one that I made back in the early 2000s or late 90s. It was using a Gateway 2000 case. The system wasn't meant to game or anything of the sort. After assembling system, the sound card blew out after a few weeks of using it. The RAM would end up having some slight issues a few months later, and the Floppy Drive began to have read errors.All of the systems I have assembled, last up to a year. While any prebuilt systems I buy last 4 or more years. Please do not suggest to me to assemble my own PC. I have had it, and am not willing to learn to drive or use cab services to haul computer parts to a technician or otherwise, especially considering I have GERD, and wouldn't be able to go without going to a bathroom for very long.I will be buying pre-built systems until the day I die, and none of you can convince me otherwise.

F-List Information

F-List currently isn't allowing me to stay logged in on Firefox (I've checked Roaming, and I don't use a VPN), and I don't intend to use other browsers, as I dislike rendering engines like WebKit and the like. I prefer the Gecko Rendering engine. I use the standard Windows Firewall/Antivirus, and don't use CCleaner. So it isn't a problem with my programs from what I can tell. If you want to see my preferences, please actually go to the preferences page.


If you see someone with Mare/Moon/etc. please ask in-game what it is via party or /tell. Do NOT talk about this in any public chat. If you're one of the ones who knows, yes, ask me for, and I will provide with the appropriate response.